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14 October 2006 @ 08:52 am
I think I'm gonna close this little shin-dig down. Well, first off. I'm not getting enough comments that I want. Second, I'm really tired of promoting, and it sucks that I'm the only one doing it. Third, I think I should go exlcusive, at least for awhile. So from now on, you'll only see my stuff at the communities I post at. I currently am only posting at one community so far, so I hope to apply at more. Anyways, farewell .. yada yada :) I'll see you guys around!

Communities I currently post at:
02 October 2006 @ 05:59 pm
I forgot you again :) Well, if you guys still check this place out, do you have any requests? I'm extremely bored at the moment so please suggest a name or give me HQ (high quality) pictures I can iconize. And just so you know, comments are screened and when I finish a request, I delete it. So this will from now on be the request post, kay? ♥
12 June 2006 @ 07:52 pm
Welcome to aphorize, my icon journal! This is going to be a member's only journal, so join if you would like to view my stuff. Just in case you're wondering, aphorize means to write or speak the truth in your opinion. I have no idea why I decided to make that my icon community with that name, but yeahh. I've decided to make panicfiend my personal journal once more. Plus, I wanted to make an lj community for my icons so it would be easier to ban or delete people for breaking the rules! DUN DUN DUN :O Yeah, so be on your best behavior and follow all the rules! Especially the 'drool on me and worship my smelly feet' rule :) Yess, it's in there alright, number 7. All my old icons will still be on panicfiend since I'm way too lazy to actually transfer all of that butt load of stuff onto this community so I'll be starting from scratch.

Anyways, just join, you don't need to comment any post for me to add you back (which is another good thing about communities). But if you would like to become affiliates with aphorize or have a question about anything, then comment this post. Thanks!